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hello! my name is mason noteboom and I am 21. I am an environmental science and cognitive neuroscience student from boulder, colorado. I love yoga, dancing, hiking, and being outdoors. I love chocolate more than most things along with phish food ice cream, pastrami sandwiches, smoothies, and nut thins, in no particular order. I hate when people spell definitely like defiantly. I believe that most things can be looked at as an adventure. I want to travel the world, and thus far been fortunate to spend time in south korea, india, germany, argentina, and a few others. most importantly (and probably the reason you're here) I like to take pictures of people/for people/with people. most "photoshoots" with me are just big adventures in which we do things and I do my best to capture them and we probably wind up with a few good ones.

if this sounds like something that will work for you, email me at and we'll talk.